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Western Collection, located near the mysterious and rugged Superstition wilderness of Central Arizona, has strived to provide the highest quality art prints, sculptures and collectables that reflect the soul of the wild west.  For over 5 years we've provided our customers with highly detailed bronze and pewter sculptures, art prints from arguably the best western painters alive today as well as western themed silverware and place settings.  Our addition of cordura and full leather saddles have been popular items for the collector and rider alike.  Dusters and other rugged garments from New Zealand are built to last any in weather, any time, anywhere.

All art pieces are hand picked for their beauty, quality and durability, to ensure your investment provides a lifetime of viewing pleasure.

Westerncollection.cc provides the western art lover a broad range of bronze and pewter sculpture, and art prints fit for your home gallery.

We also carry True West China; a collection of dishes, cups, platters, and other dinnerware items.  These items are durable enough for everyday use, and fine for display.

Check out or western memorabilia section as well.  The items there will change and grow as more old west movie posters and other miscellaneous items are added and sold.  The items here are usually one only so be sure to grab it if you like it!

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Anne Coe

Under Fire - Apacheland Bur ns

NEW!   We have Anne's latest artwork!